We are a professional construction estimating firm whose aim is to provide professional estimation in the bidding process. Our team has a combined experience of 10+ years and are capable of carrying our detailed estimates for sub-contractors who do not have time and capability to price the complicated engineering and architectural projects.

Estimating is a skill that requires the ability to fuse attention to detail, with quantity take-off calculations and at the same time being understandable enough to apply common sense.

Our journey started in a one room office where we slowly expanded to a bigger office in Bronx, New York and now to our current 5,000 square foot office in Brooklyn, New York. We currently employee 15 full time estimators and 5 office personnel.

At the start of our long journey, all estimating was done by evaluating physical blueprints, checking the scale and highlighting all necessary items. When technology and estimating combined, we were able to work from our computer screens and input information on excel spreadsheets for complete accuracy and ease for our clients.

Our firm has grown to include Architects, Engineers, Developers, General Contractors, Lawyers, and Owners over these years.  As we continue to expand our clientele base, I want to say “thank you” to all of our clients that have entrusted us with their estimating. This has been an interesting journey that I believe will help build estimating as the front runner to beginning all projects on time, on schedule and of course on budget.