Scheduling is to create a timeline for the completion of a project. It indicates the time period and order of the activities required in the process of constructing a building. It deals with the factor of ‘when to do it’.

Whether you are constructing a residential project or a large commercial unit, the time in which the project needs to be completed must be precisely estimated in order to have a correct figure of the time and resources required for its completion. Estimation of a construction project is not only limited to the time when the building is under construction. Rather it involves both the duties that are carried out before and after the construction of the project. A correct schedule creates a relation between time and task and aids the parties involved in the process of construction to carry out their assigned duties in a timely manner.

BOQ/SOW (Bill of Quantities/ Schedule of work) provides a breakdown of the project cost against each item provided by the client. This is the most time-consuming method for a quantity surveyor and estimator hence it is the most expensive one.

For developing a schedule, the following things are important.
1: Outlining the activities
2: Sequencing of activities in proper order
3: Estimation of the resources required for the project
4: Estimated time required to complete the tasks